Tuesday, March 29, 2011

BRAVO to MTV for their Anti-Bullying campaign!

I am so moved by this PSA on bullying/digital bullying. It was actually physically painful to watch, triggering flashbacks to my days in high school and all that daily harassment. Its a nice surprise twist that the entire scenario is occurring online-It's provocative and hip, thanks MTV for making this part of the conversation. It is touching to see progress and a proactive website with not just great information but that also poses challenging questions to youth.  I'm excited to see how this plays out, and get students' responses to it.  - Rich Kiamco

Today is my 43rd birthday and people have asked what I want / am doing.  what I'd like for my birthday is for people to know what bullying is, how it can affect people, and that if you can laugh, know that you will get through difficult times.  What once seems tragic may eventually be funny and/or motivating.  Stand up to bullying, "nice people" be careful of bullying pranks and jokes and work together towards a greater good. - Robert Strand

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