Wednesday, April 13, 2011


To quote Tichina Arnold, "oooh ooh ooooh"! We are grateful to the collective talent and voices involved in this video and its message - Pink for her song, Ahmir for their cover, Tichina Arnold and Jessica Kirson for their introduction, Hunter Lyon Films for their visualization, all of the youth in the video for their portrayal, youtube for their channel of distribution and Kathy Horn of RoadRunner Talent and Media for bringing attention to this Perfect work.

Ahmir's cover of the song for me is healing, inspiring and infectious - and knowing Tichina and Jessica - two funny women - making a "not funny" introduction speaks volumes. Perfect.

THANK YOU SHOUT OUT TO AHMIR! Ahmir has chosen to support our new foundation called, Make Laughter Count by giving 20 % of the proceeds from the sale of Perfect on Itunes to our new foundation. Make Laughter Count is a non-profit organization that brings comedians and entertainers together to help stop bullying and raise funds for charities. Make Laughter Count's for me because my first girlfriend Karen played a "bullying" prank and died at the hands of her own joke. And, I was bullied in my youth. Let Ahmir's cover get stuck in your head, and MAKE LAUGHTER COUNT!

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