Monday, May 16, 2011

The Bully Project Gets In Your Face!

The beginning of this documentary's journey started two and half years ago by producer Lee Hirsch. At the time bullying had not reached the epidemic that it is in our country today. The Bully Project is directed by Louis Jordan. This is an emotional, powerful new documentary that premiered at Tribeca film festival last month. You can not watch this film and walk away in denial. The tortured lives captured in this film is in your face and heart wrenching. The tortured lives captured in this film is heart wrenching and in your face.

What our youth are having to endure is unacceptable. They are carrying enormous pain. For some when all other possible solutions are exhausted, they choose suicide. We must eradicate bullying behavior. There are over 45 states with bullying laws on the books but these laws have not stopped bullying or the suicides of our youth. We must all stand up to the bullies together. Get involved. Start by viewing this documentary. Once you watch The Bully Project, you will understand how critical this problem is in our society. Don't we all deserve a positive, safe space in which to live out our dreams?

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