Thursday, March 10, 2011

Comments on White House Bullying summit

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 i think the largest challenge is cultivating a culture of respect,
 i love the idea of posting CORE VALUES on all the walls of the school, beginning from DAY one, setting the tone.

I did NOT have this growing up, it was always tattletales and snitching,
and sometimes getting the bully punished IF you had the guts to speak up,

but even worse, the  repercussions of snitching=MORE BULLYING ugh.. It just perpetuated the silence

Today simple tools will be the challenge, and also getting the entire faculty to implement, and to collaborate w students and families to have consistent policy.

I love when I hear about schools having BULLYING AWARENESS WEEK, early in the school year.. Great idea, im curious as to how effective ti is, I think the younger you start the better, older students just find ways to sneak it

Creating bystander awareness is key -peopel who witness and stay silent, have great power to speak up and say that not OK,
we never even thought about bystanders when i grew up
everyone jstu stared in silence, or joined in the laughin teasing

I still get notes on facebook from my childhood classmates saying how they admired me from afar, how brave I was to be myself, even before I came out,
I was  different:, asian, and not a tough kid, just a brainy artsy nonconforming kid, an easy bully target.
oh i and i dressed like culture club, duran duran and flock of seagulls, all at the same time.. bully paradise..
im thrilled that students have this summit today -
i still think of my HS classmate who was closeted and could not deal with the peer pressure,and committed suicide,
wish he was here today to see this summit

From facebook live cyberbullying discussion
“radical idea to me as a youth” [even as adult]” it is “NOT WEAK to ask for help”

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